Some of the New Technologies that are currently impacting or will impact our grief and grieving processes in the future include:

The Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

 Augmented Reality




Mobile Tech

Social Media






How GriefTech Impacts How We Grieve



"Digital immortality:

How your life’s data means a version of you could live forever"





"How technology is changing the way we grieve

‘I’d stumbled across a discovery:  I knew how to talk to dead people’

She understood the chatbot was a piece of tech,

not her son,

but that it still felt reassuring to her.

“I feel his voice through the lines of his texts.”

“With so much anguish about technology ruining people’s ability to forge human connections, grief tech feels, perversely, rather cathartic to me”





“Hologramsof dead to send messages to loved ones.

A new TV show will deliver messages from terminally-ill people to their loved ones via their own hologram after they have died.” Using cutting-edge holographic technology,the “deeply personal missives” will be “delivered post-mortem, by the subjects themselves in vivid, three-dimensional, holographic form” (1/30/2019)





"How I Learned to Grieve the Loss of My Dad in the Age of Instagram”




“Thousands watching virtual funerals online as demand in Australia increases. The number of Australians opting to watch funerals onlineinstead of attending in person has more than doubled in the past year.“ (2/8/2019)




"No One Ever Talks About How Technology Impacts Grieving

(and Why We Should)

One email threw a massive wrench in my mourning process."




"A Son’s Race to Give His Dying Father Artificial Immortality"



"Digitising death: Can Griefbots help us manage bereavement?"






Mobile Technologies & Grief


•December 14, 20`14

"Grief Support App Helps You Connect.

We want to share a story about a grief support app that helps people who have lost loved ones connect and create their own local grief support network.

The new “Grief Support Network” app was launched

by the online grief support non-profit My Grief Angels

just in time for what can be one of the most difficult times of the year, the holidays."



•November 2017 otyping_an_Application_to_Support_the_Bereaved-Indiana University/University of Virginia

"Mobile Technologies for Grief Support: Prototyping an Application to Support the Bereaved




"The Department of Defense Congressionally-Directed Medical Research Program awarded Uniformed Services University (USU) $3 million, four-year grant to develop and test a mobile and web application to help military families cope with  the loss of a servicemember”



•January 8, 2019

"Center for Complicated Grief at Columbia University's School of Social Work today announced the launch of GriefStepsfor Parents, an innovative, research-backed grief app designed to provide accessible, community-based support to families following the loss of a loved one.Appwas developed through a three-year $800,000 grant from the

New York Life Foundation, the largest corporate funder of childhood bereavement.“




Online Education

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) & Grief



"New Free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on How After a Loss, “Grief can Kill or Empower Us”: 80% of survey respondents did not feel prepared to deal with the grief that followed a loss and a new self-paced online course on grief aims to help.

Available now on the European Multiple MOOCs Aggregator (EMMA) Platform"




"The purpose of the Dying2Learn Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is to build community awareness and foster social discussion about death and dying in Australia. The course explores social and physical issues around death and dying, and looks at how concepts and representations of death have changed over time. Dying2Learn is a social learning experience, designed to get people thinking and talking about death"